Riding around your favorite tailgate spot has never been cooler until now. Kreweser’s unique design boasts a staggering 94 quarts of useable cooler space.  With the flip of a key switch, the hub motor located within the front wheel can accelerate the rider to speeds up to 15mph.

     Worried about running out of battery juice? Don’t be. They incorporated a low-profile 48-volt battery pack capable of bringing a rider on a 17 mile journey before recharging.  Concerned about how you will transport the Kreweser to and from your favorite events?  This scooter folds! The collapsible design provides ease of transport in any vehicle, and the features don’t stop there. Optional accessories include your very own custom wrap to make your Kreweser one of a kind. All of these features make Kreweser the best motorized cooler in the word.









Kreweser Motorized Cooler Specs



Kreweser - Motorized Coolers